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"The original Yussara® Tropical Samba Dance Show"

Samba: I will bring you to the Samba Show Carnival of Rio de Janeiro. Experience with me the Brazilian Samba with the scarce tangas of the Copacabana and the shimmering splendid Samba costumes of the exotic Samba Show. Hot rhythms, as well as current Samba Top hits, mixed with many fast Samba movements and varied Samba choreography hit the nerve of time with its intensity.

My Samba Dance Show

I will present you a colorful culture and dazzling original Samba Show. Treat yourselves to the spectacular, fascinating and exotic fascinating Brazilian Samba Show flairs. This Samba Show firework like joy of life will become an unforgettable experience.

If you wish, I also offer a Samba combination of live percussionists, acrobatic combat dances, Capoeira from Bahia de Salvador - together with our fiery Samba Show. For the finale of the show if you so desire, I will kindly and charmingly request your guests to join them in a Samba Polonaise, in order to give your guests the true feeling and experience of the Samba Carnival of Rio de Janeiro.

My Samba Show schedule & Costumes

With my large variety of spectacular and original Samba costumes and my Samba show implements I am able to offer you many Samba variations. My first-class professional international Show business experience offers an exotic, exciting varied and spectacular performance. In each Samba-Show of your choice the Samba costumes are exchanged several times (in quick succession) in addition to varied Samba choreographed dance. Hot rhythms, as well as current Samba Top hits, mixed with many fast Samba movements and varied Samba choreography hit the nerve of time with its intensity.

Your Samba Show requests and show ideas

I plan together with you a customized and tailored to your needs show program. The size of my show can be specially adapted to suit your event.

Your wishes and my "know how", is guaranteed success!

You can use my Samba Show performances for many different occasions.

Hotel event, company celebrations, tent-garden parties, galas, birthdays, weddings, incentives, jubilees, carnivals, functions, congress, marketing, trade- fairs, openings, open air, product presentations, public relations, travel agencies, promotions, city or street parties, street carnivals, conferences, sales promotions, Santa Claus - Christmas parties, advertising, etc.

Samba History and the fascination of the Brazilian Carnival

It is a mixture of Afro-Brazilian music with song and Samba dance. The origin of the rural Sambas is thought to originate from the African ring dances. The urban Samba developed a set of Samba styles, since the first Samba composition in the mid twenties, for example: In the poorer areas of Rio de Janeiro, the Samba de Morro was developed and also the Samba canção with emphasized feelings.

A fast beat and strong rhythm characterize the Samba styles, with pure percussion ensembles - the Samba Batucada, as well as colorful, large orchestras where many different instruments are played. At the end of the twenties the first Samba school was founded, an association was organized of the largest Samba percussion ensemble for the Carnival parade in Rio de Janeiro.

My Home and Residence

Since 1992 is my home and residence in Germany, in the city of Offenbach am Main, by Frankfurt am Main. For 22 years worldwide, many enterprises of different industries trust my know-how!

It is my goal to fulfil your requirements with my "Know-How" and to offer you a special first class show. I will transform your wishes to reality and provide you with unforgettable moments. My trademarks are creativity, transparency, and operational achievement. There for I regard it as my task to anticipate and care for you attentively. Many of my clients have become regular customers, due to satisfaction.

Further information and more pictures-galleries

Further information and more pictures can be found at my main homepage or on the German language website

There I offer further historical background for the different directions of my Shows as well as hundreds of pictures and videos for your perusal.

As well take a look behind the scenes-backstage. Impressions, fun, joy, creativity, improvisation and logistics reflect the following pictures again. It is an interesting journey through breathtaking and exotic continents, cities and exceptional spectacular location.

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